Caring For An Elderly Parent: Groundhog Day!

Blog - Pic 92“This is supposed to be the time of my life – the nest is empty; but now Mom needs me.”

I was visiting with mom one Sunday and she asked if my husband and I were going out somewhere for work. I mentioned it was Sunday and we don’t go anywhere for business on the weekends. I’m not sure why, but for some reason that moment stuck with her.

Now it’s Tuesday – I stopped in to see Mom and I seemed to startle her when I walked in the back door. She looked at me and said, “I’m surprised to see you since you told me you were having an “alone day” since it’s Sunday.” First of all, I told her it was Tuesday and that I’ve never wanted an “alone day” ever. After arguing about that for some time, we figured out that Mom was either dreaming or hallucinating – I’m going with the second one.

Now it’s Wednesday – my husband and I are in a business meeting and I see that Mom has called through a few times. So I stepped out of the meeting to call her and make sure she was OK. I mentioned we were in a meeting and she said, “But it’s Sunday, you said you don’t go anywhere on Sundays.”

Now it’s Thursday – my husband and I are traveling and Mom calls to see if I’m home. I let her know that we are on the road and will be back later that evening. Then she says to me, “But it’s Sunday, you said you never go anywhere on Sundays.”  WOW – I wonder why she is stuck on Sunday? 

What I Learned: How fragile the mind can be… 🙁

Note: My post title references the movie Groundhog Day, 1993, where Bill Murray relives the same day over and over.

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