Caring For An Elderly Parent: One Too Many!

Blog - Pic 60“This is  supposed to be the time of my life – the nest is empty; but now Mom needs me.”

Today is Mother’s Day, so my  husband and  I decided to take Mom out to Olives’s Bistro, one of her favorite places to eat. I called to make the reservation, got the table Mom likes (they know us pretty well there), and off we went. You could tell Mom was so happy to be getting out – she couldn’t stop babbling the whole way there.

I figured I’d have a glass of wine but I asked our server about the happy hour bar specials – you never know, I may want something different for a change. Well…. that got Mom going on her Irish Mist (liqueur) rant. It’s the one alcoholic beverage she loves, as you may remember from a previous  post. Of course our server had never heard of it and even the bartender had not heard of it (I guess it’s more of a Canadian thing), but after Mom lectured our server on what it was, where it came from, how it tastes, how she hasn’t drank in 20 years, why they should have it…. yada, yada, yada, our server suggested she try Barenjager. After our server said he wouldn’t charge her if she didn’t like it, Mom decided to give it a “shot” – more like 2 shots!

Mom actually loved the Barenjager – it wasn’t Irish Mist (of course) but it was close! She had that first drink downed in no time and was talking up a storm. She asked me what the liqueur was called but she couldn’t understand what I was saying – she told me I talked funny. Yea, I’m sure it had nothing to do with the Barenjager. She had this shocked looked on her face as I kept telling her what it was, and then shouted out, “It’s called Baren N…. (N-word)?” Holy crap, cut her off! But she quickly accepted our servers offer for a second one – and that’s when it really got interesting.

Mom always has a hard time understanding conversations but with a little help from Barenjager it definitely seemed worse – of course I was the one talking funny and not making any sense. Even her hand gestures and “raspberrys” directed at my husband and me was something new. But she certainly was having a great time. We all were.

So after dinner we were all set to leave, and that’s when I realized the Barenjager had really kicked in. Mom doesn’t walk well – especially after sitting for long periods of time – but this time was much different. Her legs would just not cooperate – she walked like a drunken sailor – good thing I had a strong grip on her! And she talked to everyone as we passed by on our way out. She couldn’t say enough times how much fun she was having and how she so enjoyed her “blah, blah blah” drink (she never did understand the name).

We got Mom home safely and she giggled her way into her house. She kept say that it sure is a good thing that alcohol doesn’t affect her…. yea, right Mom.

It was truly a fun night – thanks Barenjager! And Happy Mother’s Day Mom! ♥

What I Learned: It’s great to loosen up, but I think we’ll have Mom stick to 1 drink.




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