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Blog - Pic32I’m definitely learning as I go; but as long as I am and can pass along some of that knowledge to my kids (and to anyone else it may help), that’s all that matters.



January 06:  Life really creeps up on you, and although scary at times, it’s good to be aware.

January 10:   Mom is not invincible like I thought, she needs someone to look after her now.

January 13:   Having emotional support is half the battle…. thank you luv!

January 17:   That some things are more important than selfishness.

January 20:   Do a lot of soul searching and try to do what’s best for Mom.

January 24:   Don’t underestimate the power of a determined Mom!

January 27:   Live each day to the fullest and enjoy life!

January 31:    Be sensitive to their feelings.

February 03: For a healthy body and mind we need to stay active and socially involved.

February 07: Don’t make rash decisions; think of all the options and keep Mom’s best interest in mind.

February 10: What I Learned: Only make sacrifices that you can live with – and don’t take them lightly.

February 14: What I Learned: With being such a stressful time, try to manage things to relieve stress.

February 17: What I Learned: Try not to do everything yourself – ask for help if you need it.

February 21: What I Learned: Stay focused – things will all work out!

February 24: What I Learned: I realized that Mom wasn’t super woman any more – someone really needs to step in at a certain point.

February 28: What I Learned: Bite Your Tongue! (and talk Mom into flying if there’s ever a next time)

March 3:   What I Learned: Boundaries – gotta have em!

March 7:   What I Learned: This is a huge undertaking – don’t take it lightly.

March 10: What I Learned: This is a huge undertaking – don’t take it lightly.

March 14:  What I Learned: Everyone has their own way of going about things – try to understand.

March 17:  What I Learned: Don’t underestimate a “hungry, I want company, I want to go out” Mom!

March 21:  What I Learned: You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

March 24:  What I Learned: Having a supportive “significant other” is half the battle.

March 28:  What I Learned: Bottom line…. my mom is stubborn!

March 31:  What I Learned: There has to be rules. (Oh, and the toilets are lower in California!)

April 4:   What I Learned: For you own sanity, tell it like it is – even if they don’t like it.

April 7:   What I Learned: We’ve got to try to get along and make adjustments – but we still need boundaries.

April 11:  What I Learned: It’s difficult trying to change someone who is set in her ways, but be persistent.

April 14:  What I Learned: Family ties are important… and our son is awesome!

April 18:  What I Learned: It may take an incident to make something understood…. and keep your distance from a woman with a 5 lb purse!

April 21:  What I Learned: I’m not ready to slow down but realize that one day,  I too will. Live it up while you can!

April 25:  What I Learned: A lot of energy is spent going slowly – I’m not ready for that yet.

April 28:  What I Learned: Get creative in the way you handle situations with an ageing, elderly parent.

May 2:   What I Learned: My mom doesn’t want to accept the fact that she’s ageing – and I don’t blame her.

May 5:   What I Learned: Losing memory can be very hard for some – I know it is for Mom. I’m trying to be understanding.

May 9:   What I Learned: Caring for my ageing parent is difficult at times, but it’s also difficult for Mom.

May 12:  What I Learned: It’s great to loosen up, but I think we’ll have Mom stick to 1 drink.

May 16:  What I Learned: How fragile the mind can be… :(

May 19:  What I Learned: Don’t upset the cart – just push it out of the way.

May 23:  What I Learned: Being lonely isn’t any fun – I guess fixing door knobs isn’t so bad after all.

May 26:  What I Learned: The mind is a very powerful tool.

May 30:  What I Learned: Denial seems to part of the ageing process – at least in my mom’s situation.

June 2:  What I Learned: It can be a challenge caring for an elderly parent – it’s not for everyone, but I know we are doing what’s best for Mom.

June 6:  What I Learned: I don’t want to be a caregiver – I just want to live my life while knowing Mom is taken care of.

June 9:  What I Learned: Implementing safety measures is important – no matter the cost.

June 13:  What I Learned: This is a situation that needs careful thought and planning – it will definitely affect all of us.

June 17:  What I Learned: Stick to the normal routine.

June 20:  What I Learned: You can only put things off for so long, and some changes can be for the better.

June 23:  What I Learned: Don’t suggest anything to eat? (We’d probably still be waiting to order if I didn’t)

June 27:  What I Learned: I don’t mind helping my mom out as long as it doesn’t become a real burden.

June 30:  What I Learned: Some game playing is needed when caring for an elderly parent.

July 4:   What I Learned: I need time with my husband and I shouldn’t feel guilty about it.

July 7:   What I Learned: Keep the mind active and try to stay social.

July 14:  What I Learned: Elderly people can feel helpless at times but their caregiver can also feel helpless.

July 18:  What I Learned: I am going to do what ever I can to keep my mind from hallucinating – I sure hope I can.

July 22:  What I Learned: Arguing doesn’t make things any better…. and stay away from the cell phone!

July 25:  What I Learned: Hallucinations are real to the person having them and it’s impossible to convince them otherwise.

July 28:  What I Learned: Taking care of my mom may get more and more difficult for me to handle as she continues to age – I may have to make a change in the near future.

August 4:   What I Learned: I’m learning how to “read” Mom’s signs and figuring out a way to deal with them.

December 11:  What I Learned: There’s a time when you just need to accept help from other people.

December 13:  What I Learned:  Dealing with an ageing parent is not easy; especially when it comes to handing them over to someone else.

December 15:  What I Learned: Schedules are meant to be changed if it benefits everyone.

December 19:  Be careful what you bring into the house – you can’t be sure what the mind is thinking.

December 29:  Enjoy the party while you can! 



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