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Caring For An Elderly Parent: Family Ties

“This is supposed to be the time of my life – the nest is empty; but now Mom needs me.”

A very cool day for Mom today – our son (Mom calls him CM) took her to “work” with him. You see, our son is an acBlog - Pic 75tor and had an audition and because he knows the casting director  so well he knew she wouldn’t mind Mom tagging along. It was pretty awesome for Mom to see a little bit of the process he’d been telling her about for the last 8 years. Although Mom couldn’t go in the actual room where he met with the casting director, Mom got to wait in the waiting area and met the CD when she came out with our son. They had a little chat and Mom even told her she did some acting when she was younger – I’m sure Mom will get a call for her next acting gig pretty soon… LOL.

After our son’s audition, Mom wanted to go to a little french organic restaurant just down the street from us. I let her know it would be pricey but she wanted to go anyway. It was pricey alright! One small cheese blintz, two small pieces of quiche, one small personal pan pizza and four coffees…. $32.00! Well you know Mom, she complained the whole way home and said…. “It must be California!”

While I’m talking about our son….  the other day I was at Mom’s and she said she felt like having an egg sandwich but didn’t have any eggs. I knew our son had some because he just made that awesome birthday cake for her, so I told her that he had eggs. Well, Mom looked at me funny and said she didn’t really understand what I was saying – it just sounded all garbled. So I told her again that our son has eggs. Then she looked at me with wide eyes and said, “CM has AIDS?!”  I’m not sure why I fell to the floor laughing but you should have seen her face… hahaha! I told her not to start that rumor.

One thing that is good about having Mom live here with us is that she’s getting to know her grandson – and he’s getting to know her.

What I Learned: Family ties are important… and our son is awesome!