Caring For An Elderly Parent: The 5 Pound Purse Revisited

Blog - Pic 66“This is supposed to be the time of my life – the nest is empty; but now Mom needs me.”

I just had another conversation with my mom about her heavy/cumbersome purse and how it is not only too heavy but it gets in the way of other people. She swings it over her shoulder not giving any thought to who is around – I told her she needs to be careful or she’ll hurt someone.

Sure enough, the very next day while we were leaving Denny’s, Mom walks out the door and attempts to swing her 5 lb weight over her shoulder and…. WHAM! She nails a woman who was walking out behind her right in the gut. The poor woman curls over in pain – she couldn’t have weighed 100 lbs. I’m pretty sure my mom didn’t realize what happened until my husband and I reacted – Mom looked pretty confused. And get this, after we got through our apologies, Mom blamed it on ME! She said I jinxed it. Somehow I knew it would be my fault.

But I do think Mom is re-thinking the 5 lb purse… we’ll see.

What I Learned: It may take an incident to make something understood…. and keep your distance from a woman with a 5 lb purse!  

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