Happy Birthday Mom!

I‘m stepping into the future for today’s update since today is my mom’s birthday – I just want to think about the great day we had with her and hope there are many more to come.

Today was an absolutely perfect day for Mom. When we went to get her for dinner she was standing at her door looking like a pampered pet waiting for his master to come home – she was hungry and ready to go! We went to one of her favorite restaurants for a wonderful dinner – cedar plank salmon, mixed veges, fingerling potatoes, and a wonderful bottle of Chateau Ste. Michelle Riesling. I made arrangements with the pastry chef last week to make her favorite desert – chocolate mousse – and Mom was so happy! Our son bought her a bottle of Irish Mist which she was thrilled about. She’s never been much for alcohol but when she was younger she drank Irish Mist. For some reason a few months ago she started talking about how much she loved it. We bought her a bottle at Christmas (much to her surprise) and she’s really been enjoying it; I honestly think she’s a happier person – thank you Irish Mist!


Blog - Mom's Birthday


What I Learned: Live each day to the fullest and enjoy life!


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